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Out-Of-Control Beverage Vehicle Goes On Tear At Chicago Airport Until Ramp Worker Saves The Day In Bizarre Video


A beverage vehicle operator lost control of his vehicle on a runway at Chicago O'Hare airport.

The out of control vehicle was captured on video seemingly doing donuts within dangerous proximity to runway operators and a small commercial jet.

The video, though unsettling, is admittedly fun to watch.

Take a look:

The cart spins and spins, getting a wider circumference each time, until a runway operator shows up with a forklift and tips it over, spilling all the beverages inside.

In the video, anticipation builds as the cart moves closer and closer to the plane.

Since we cannot see the identity of the savior who plowed the forklift into the cart to stop it from going hogwild, the internet is speculating on who they are.

The video is drawing some attention as a solid metaphor for this past week in Washington.

Hopefully someone will show up with a forklift to put an end to that madness.

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