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Charles Barkley Gave A Cringe-Worthy Answer To A Question On 'Celebrity Family Feud' 😬


Former NBA star and sports analyst Charles Barkley gave a strange answer on Celebrity Family Feud last weekend, and the amazing thing was that he got it right.

Barkley was asked to give an answer to, "If a man's zipper breaks in church, what might he use to cover it up?"

Barkley replied: "a child," which caused host Steve Harvey and the rest of the guests to totally lose it.

"Wow," said Harvey, as Barkley's teammates from TNT's Inside the NBA repeated "not a good answer."

"Man gonna get us locked up," Shaquille O'Neal quipped.

But, this is Family Feud, and sometimes weird answers often end up being correct. Barkley then tried to clarify what he meant.

"I meant a baby," Barkley said, which didn't help endear him. "That's worse!" Shaq interjected.

Harvey, having to follow the rules, shouted "somebody's child" to the board, and 'person' was revealed for three points, totally vindicating Barkley's gaffed answer.

"Person sounds better," Harvey said. "Person? Baby? Sigh."

"He corrected himself and said a "baby" is what he meant - that was perfection."

"Watchin' Shaq and Charles Barkley on family feud was something I never knew I needed."

"Nine minutes in and Charles Barkley on Family Feud is everything I could've asked for."

You can watch the clip here: