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Gay Men Are Fiercely Divided Over Pro-Trump Thirst Trap Candidate Madison Cawthorn

Gay Men Are Fiercely Divided Over Pro-Trump Thirst Trap Candidate Madison Cawthorn

Yesterday was an election day in many parts of the country, with primary elections held in New York, Kentucky and Virginia and run-offs happening in Mississippi and North Carolina.

And for LGBTQ progress, it was a night of pleasant surprises, with out gay candidates Ritchie Torres and Mondaire Jones winning their New York primaries and setting themselves up to be the first gay, Black members of Congress in American history.

But that good news was no match for the winner of one of North Carolina's Republican primary run-offs, because the minute the winner was announced, The Gays instantly lost their minds. Why?

Well... just take a look at potential future Congressman Madison Cawthorn.

Not exactly hard on the eyes, is he?

Plus, he's got a heroic story. Prior to politics, Cawthorn has been a motivational speaker who talks about overcoming a disability after becoming partially paralyzed in a car accident that nearly killed him, according to his campaign website.

Now 24, the political newcomer will make history if he wins in the fall, replacing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as the youngest member of Congress.

And while he may be new to politics, he's no newcomer to Instagram thirst traps.

Yep, it's easy to see why this beefcake political novice leaves plenty of gays panting.

But there's just one problem. He's a self-described "pro-Trump" Republican running on a platform of "religious freedom" that is almost certainly against LGBTQ equality.

As his campaign website states:

"Our faith, our freedoms and our values are under assault from leftist, coastal elites like Nancy Pelosi and AOC. I will work tirelessly for smaller, leaner government and I will be a strong voice for faith, family & freedom.

And this has Gay Twitter bitterly divided over this (likely) homophobic hottie.

One Twitter user offered an alternative.

Of course, gays could also focus their attention on Cawthorn's opponent, Democrat Moe Davis, who has received the endorsement of LGBTQ rights organization Equality NC for his pro-LGBTQ positions. Just a thought!