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Carole Baskin Places The Blame For That Escaped Tiger Debacle In Houston Squarely On Ted Cruz

Carole Baskin Places The Blame For That Escaped Tiger Debacle In Houston Squarely On Ted Cruz
APEX/MEGA/GC Images/Getty Images; Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

The bizarre story of Houston murder suspect Victor Hugo Cuevas and his escaped pet tiger has gained a new weird chapter.

Eccentric big cat expert and Tiger King star (or villain, depending on your view) Carole Baskin has weighed in with her two cents on the debacle. She's laying the blame at the feet of Texas Republican Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn.

Baskin raked the Republicans over the coals during an appearance on CNN, which you can view below.

It may seem a ridiculous accusation at first blush, but it turns out Baskin kind of has a point.

As she told CNN's Brianna Keilar and John Berman, Cruz along with his counterpart Republican Senator John Cornyn both refused to sign legislation last year that may have prevented the tiger mess currently under way in Texas.

The Big Cat Public Safety Act, which was voted on last December, would have outlawed private ownership of big cats like the now-missing tiger, believed to be owned by Cuevas.

In her comments, Baskin urged GOP Senators Cruz and Cornyn to reconsider their position on the act, which Cruz publicly derided last year as simply Democrats trying to "prosecute Tiger King," the mega-viral Netflix reality show about big cat owner Joe Exotic (née Joseph Allen Schreibvogel) and his decades-long rivalry with Baskin.

According to Baskin:

"You know this is becoming kind of commonplace in Texas, and so I really hope that Senators Cruz and Cornyn sign on to the Big Cat Public Safety Act, because if they had last year... this wouldn't have happened this time."

Perhaps as a swipe at her Tiger King arch nemesis, Baskin also criticized big cat owners in general as "reckless":

"The only reason that people have tigers as pets is to try to show off to others that they are more powerful than the most powerful creature on the planet. That already tells you that the kind of people who own tigers are really dangerous, reckless people."

On Twitter, most people couldn't help but laugh at this new weird chapter in an already weird story.

And of course, Baskin's criticism struck many others as ridiculous given rumors about her missing former husband.

The Houston tiger is still at large as of this writing while Houston law enforcement investigate its disappearance.