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MAGA Family Stormed The Capitol On Jan. 6 Together—And Now They've All Been Sentenced Together

MAGA Family Stormed The Capitol On Jan. 6 Together—And Now They've All Been Sentenced Together
U.S. Department of Justice

A family from Borger, Texas who participated in the January 6, 2021 insurrection were all sentenced together at a hearing on Wednesday.

Six members of the Munn family—parents Dawn and Tomas, three adult children and one minor child—entered the Capitol through a broken window during the attempted coup according to court documents. While they were in the building, they also entered a private Senate conference room.

Even while asking for leniency during her sentencing, mother Dawn Munn continued to question the security of the United States election process and presidential election results.

According to CNN, Dawn Munn claimed she was just looking for answers.

"I was looking for somebody to show me proof that our election was going to be secure."
"If we don’t have a secure election, we don’t have a country."
"This is a country by the voice of the people."

DC Chief Judge Beryl Howell told her it didn't justify violence.

"There is no question that can justify disrupting the democratic process"

Thomas Munn said he had never been political before, but felt the need to do something after watching the news and seeing what was happening.

"I just kept watching what was happening on the news, and I felt we should speak out."

When Munn was asked where he was getting this news that motivated him to go to DC on January 6, he unsurprisingly replied:

"Fox News."

In addition to his actions on the day of the insurrection, Thomas Munn shared social media posts encouraging others to also make plans to travel to Washington DC on that day. Several members of the family also posted about their involvement in the attack on various social media platforms.

The parents were reprimanded by Judge Howell for bringing four of their eight children to Washington. Dawn and Thomas Munn were sentenced to 14 days in jail. Their adult children—Kayli, Joshua and Kristi—were sentenced to probation and home confinement.

Twitter users seemed unimpressed with the Munn's sentences.

Some were concerned the light sentencing would encourage the Munns to participate in further attempts to overthrow the U.S. government.

The Munn family reportedly joined a protest outside the Washington DC jail the night of their sentencing.

The five adult members of the family plead guilty to misdemeanor charges of parading and demonstrating or picketing inside a Capitol building.

While the parents were both sentenced to serve 14 days imprisonment, 3 years probation and 90 days of home detention their adult children received lesser sentences.

Kristi Munn, their eldest daughter, was sentenced to 3 years of probation with 90 days of home detention.

Josh and Kayli Munn each received 3 years of probation without home detention and their minor sibling was not charged with any crime.