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Candace Owens Dragged After Accidentally Advocating For Universal Healthcare In Twitter Rant

Candace Owens Dragged After Accidentally Advocating For Universal Healthcare In Twitter Rant
Jason Davis/Getty Images

Candace Owens has never been known for hiding her views.

In addition to founding Blexit, a movement encouraging people of color to leave the Democratic party, the Republican conservative provocateur openly criticized the Black Lives Matter movement and questioned Harry Styles' manhood when he wore a dress in a Vanity Fair photo shoot.

But the outspoken anti-vaxxer and Trump supporter surprised many this past week, when she made a fairly compelling argument for universal healthcare in a recent Twitter post.

The right-wing podcaster questioned in her Tweet:

"If the vaccines are really about the government trying to save your life—why do life-saving medicines cost so much?"

Owens biggest adversaries were quick to call her out on this utterly surprising argument, with many even going so far as to commend her for promoting healthcare for all.

Owens was quick to respond and confirm that she was firmly opposed to universal healthcare.

In her attempt at damage control, Owens claims.

"I believe medicine should be affordable and believe it would be if it weren't for the Big Pharma racket."
"The argument here is that I'm not buying that our government is suddenly in the business of saving lives."

But once again, people were quick to point out that her attempt at clarification seemed to instead drive home the need for universal healthcare.

A couple of astute Twitter users even pointed out work on Covid-19 vaccines actually began with Donald Trump—whom Owens continues to support—and not President Joe Biden.

This isn't the first time Owens has taken to Twitter to disparage the Covid-19 vaccine and ended up accidentally promoting a liberal viewpoint.

Earlier this month, Owens Tweeted no member of her family would be getting the vaccine, claiming:

"Medical Freedom is an individual right that should NEVER be infringed upon and any person who thinks otherwise has no place in our government."

Followers were quick to point out this Tweet suggested Owens was pro-choice—surprising for someone who once declared Planned Parenthood as "voluntary genocide for Black America."

Owens also clarified this Tweet, criticizing the far-left for twisting her words.

With these two Twitter firestorms happening within weeks of each other, Owens shouldn't be surprised to find her Twitter followers grow with a surge of left-leaning followers, eager to share any further unexpected liberal stances from one of MAGA's top influencers.