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Canadian Woman Selling Her $1.3M Mansion For $19 And An Essay Has Some Very Specific Stipulations

Canadian Woman Selling Her $1.3M Mansion For $19 And An Essay Has Some Very Specific Stipulations
Facebook: Write a Letter, Win a House

Home ownership may seem like a lofty dream for many people, but fear not, you can have a mansion––yes, a friggin' mansion––for just $19, which is great, but your application will require an essay, and there are so many of ya'll who don't know how to write one, so this should be FUN.

Alla Wagner, a Canadian woman, is selling her $1.3 million (1.7 million Canadian dollars) three-bedroom mansion at the foot of the Canadian Rockies in Millarville, Alberta, for $19 through an essay contest called "Write a Letter, Win a House."

The home in question is pretty damn sweet, if we do say so ourselves:

The contest, which began January 5, will run until April with the possibility of a three month extension should Wagner find herself close to the required number of entries. She says her family has decided to sell the home due to her declining health. The hope, she says, is that the carefully-maintained house finds itself in the right hands.

You're probably wondering about that essay: If you're an interested party, you have a 350-word maximum to answer the question "Why would moving to this lakefront dream home change your life?" According to Wagner, a panel of judges will select the winner from a group of 500 finalists determined by votes on social media.

There's a catch, though, because there always is: The contest will be canceled if Wagner does not receive enough entries to cover the asking price of the house. At $19 an entry, that means she'll need about 60,000 of you to dream big and aim high for that fever dream in the Canadian countryside.

People seem to be willing to give it a shot:

And you thought college acceptance letters were hard.