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British Army Slammed For Tweet Claiming That Black History Month Has Been 'Expanded'

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The official Twitter account for the British Army is facing backlash for a tweet earlier this week.

The tweet claimed that Black History Month had been "expanded" to include Asians.

The tweet has since been deleted, but this is the internet. Nothing here is ever truly gone.

The account initially tweeted about #BlackHistoryMonth before asking another account to discuss "inspirational figures."

@BritishArmy / Twitter

The Tweet says:

"Welcome to our #BlackHistoryMonth Relay. We will be asking for inspirational figures from nominated participants. Watch this space for updates. As the Army's #BAME Champion, we will pass the baton first to @UrchTyrone #forceforinclusion @ArmyBAME #BHM"

The tweet mentions #BAME.

In the UK, BAME refers to "Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic" people.

People asked about why the included image didn't include any Black people and why the tweet mentioned BAME for Black History Month.

The British Army gave their now infamous response.

@BritishArmy / Twitter

"We missed a trick here, we didn't explain that #BlackHistoryMonth has been expanded to include the history of Asian people and their contributions too. Hence our recognition of our historic partnership with the Indian Army which also features our #BAME Champion @UrchTyrone @adgpi"

This was probably a poor choice of words.

The blame for this doesn't rest solely on the army's shoulders. They referenced information from the BBC's Newsround website.

The site has also since been changed, but it initially said:

"This month was originally founded to recognise the contributions that people of African and Caribbean backgrounds have made to this country over many generations."
"Now, Black History Month has expanded to include the history of Asian people and their contributions too."

The site has been updated to say:

"Now, Black History Month has expanded to include the history of not just Afro- Caribbean black people but all black people in general."

Regardless of where this started, this was a bad idea and the army shouldn't have tried this.

Before you go looking, yes there were people asking why there isn't a "White history month". Which, we get why that's a ridiculous question, right?


Much of the world history that is taught and celebrated is about the White cultures that practically invaded the rest of the world, especially in the Americas, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Events such as "Black History Month" are attempts to tip the scales and make them somewhat more equitable. This is why there isn't a "White History Month" and why trying to lump together different groups under the same banner is offensive.

This tweet absolutely deserved to be called out.

There isn't an official group that organizes Black History Month, however official institutions like the BBC or the British Army pushing certain ideas will affect the opinions of the general populace.

Other ethnic minorities should absolutely have their history and contributions celebrated, but it shouldn't come at the expense of Black people.

Think before you tweet.

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