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Lauren Boebert Predictably Melts Down On Twitter Over Bakery Selling 'Gingerbread Person' Cookies

Lauren Boebert Predictably Melts Down On Twitter Over Bakery Selling 'Gingerbread Person' Cookies
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Lauren Boebert, Republican Representative for Colorado, seems to love nothing more than going online and complaining about things that don’t really matter.

When she’s not whining about Saturday Night Live’s portrayal of her position on guns, she claims gender neutral terms are some sign of the decline of the nation.

More specifically, she's upset someone labeled their cookies as “Gingerbread Person."

Twitter user Paul Thacker posted the picture of the gingerbread cookie with the “person” label.

Thacker’s tweet said:

“We have gone insane...”

Boebert retweeted the picture and said:

“How long until the person becomes offensive too?”

Of course, people online thought this was a ridiculous sentiment.

While Thacker and Boebert seem to think gender neutral gingerbread cookies are some king of “tipping point” in our society, the idea has been around for years.

Conservatives got upset at this very same thing three years ago, when Tammy Bruce, a political commentator, and Tucker Carlson got upset about a Scottish coffee shop selling their own “gingerbread person” cookies. Their conversation took a weird turn when they started talking about the lack of genitalia on the cookie.

Strangely enough, these types of outrage moments come about when the politicians are experiencing some heat from more significant sources. In Boebert’s case, the January 6th commission has been heating up.

Leader of the “Stop the Steal” movement, Ali Alexander has turned over communication records to the committee investigating, proving the rioters were in contact with members of Congress and former President Donald Trump’s inner circle.

That might explain why Boebert is trying to cause a distraction.

Boebert’s whining seems to have worked out for her, as Trump has now endorsed her re-election for 2022. This came after the House passed a bill condemning Islamophobia in response to comments made by Boebert.