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Bodycam Video Shows Cop Driving Recklessly Before Fatally Hitting Pedestrian On Sidewalk

Bodycam Video Shows Cop Driving Recklessly Before Fatally Hitting Pedestrian On Sidewalk
Houston Police Department

Newly released bodycam footage has the public up in arms over a Houston, Texas police officer’s actions.

On December 4, Officer Orlando Hernandez of the Houston Police Department struck and killed 62-year-old Michael Wayne Jackson.

The new bodycam video shows Hernandez speeding down the road, losing control of the vehicle, and striking Jackson on the sidewalk.

WARNING: graphic images

On December 30, the Houston Police Department released the video clips from bodycams worn by Officer Orlando Hernandez and his partner Anthony Aranda. The two officers are 25 years old, with less than five years on the force for each officer.

Hernandez was driving the police cruiser at over 80 mph on a 40 mph road. The officers were driving with lights and sirens to help another officer apprehend five individuals suspected of being involved in a carjacking. The suspects were fleeing on foot.

Hernandez swerved to avoid other vehicles on the road, driving on the sidewalk, where he hit Jackson, killing him.

Hernandez can be heard yelling expletives after hitting Jackson, the impact shattering the windshield. The officers called for backup.

Another officer arrived on the scene and performed chest compressions. However, Jackson was later declared dead at the scene.

Hernandez and Aranda were both on administrative duty pending an investigation, but it was set to only last 3 days.

Commenters online felt this was inadequate.

Doug Griffith, president of the Houston Police Officers' Union, said:

“Officers were responding to an assist while chasing robbery suspects. It's my belief that the officers left the road to avoid a collision and never saw the citizen. Truly sad for all involved.”

It is still unknown at this time if the district attorney’s office will pursue charges against the officer.