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Blake Lively Hilariously Roasts Soccer Fan After He Asks Her To Give A Shoutout To His Girlfriend

Sam Neale got more than he bargained for when he asked Lively to say hi to his girlfriend during a Wrexham AFC match.

Screenshots of Blake Lively

When it comes to public pranking, it turns out that hubby Ryan Reynolds isn't Blake Lively's only target.

Poor Wrexham AFC fan Sam Neale found out the hard way, although he took it all in stride.

Lively attended a recent match between Wrexham - which is owned by Reynolds and Always Sunny star Rob McElhenney - and York City when Neale attempted to capture a greeting from the Shallows actor for his girlfriend.

As Lively was walking down the field, Neale shouted from the stands:

"Blake, please say hi to Stephanie! It's my girlfriend."

The Gossip Girl star appeared to accept the requested task at hand, happily waving and obliging:

"Hi, Stephanie!"

But then she continued, joking:

"You should leave him!"

The fans in attendance got a kick out of the prank, and Lively responded with a "What?!" before covering her mouth and walking out of view.

Neale caught it all on video and shared it to Twitter, where he revealed that, thankfully, Stephanie did not follow Lively's advice 😅.

In fact, Neale said his girlfriend "cried happiness and is absolutely over the moon."

People on Twitter immediately reacted to the video, a few - including the team itself - even got in some football jokes.

Of course, everyone was highly entertained by Lively's antics.

Neale told MailOnline getting the video was no easy feat but well worth it.

"I was on the other end of the stands, and as soon as I saw her coming down I thought, 'I'm at least going to try and get a video.'"
"There were hundreds there waiting for a photo. Eventually, I was near enough to get a chance to speak to her. And when she said it, I couldn't believe it... I thought it was hilarious."

He also revealed Lively spoke to him later.

"Blake was so lovely with the fans. Afterwards, she was signing stuff and she looked at me and said, 'I was joking.' So that was nice."

Stephanie gushed about the video - and about Lively - to MailOnline:

"I was so jealous Sam had gone to the match without me because I was working and I was just crying when I got the video."
"I love her. She is my favorite person in the world."

Regardless of what Blake says, we think Sam's a keeper!