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Biracial 'Frozen' Actor Speaks Out After Racist Audience Members Walk Out Due To His Casting

Biracial 'Frozen' Actor Speaks Out After Racist Audience Members Walk Out Due To His Casting

A biracial actor playing one of the major roles in the London, England West End production of Disney's Frozen musical called out a group of audience members who walked out of the show allegedly due to his casting being an example of "woke culture silliness."

Obioma Ugoala is an Irish-Nigerian actor who plays the role of Kristoff–whose character in the 2013 animated film the show is based on is depicted as a White iceman in the fictional town of Arendelle.

In response to the audience members who were opposed to his casting, Ugoala posted a series of tweets calling out their racism.

"I love playing this show night after night at the DRURY LANE playing a love interest in a Disney Musical opposite the cream of the crop of the talent the West End has to offer," he wrote in his first tweet hashtagged with #RepresenMatters.

"It is the stuff of dreams for this little brown boy AND YET…"
"For those four audience members in their 50s who left the show, bemoaning my casting as Kristoff as 'woke culture silliness', I feel sorry for you that this Nigerian-Irish Londoner selling ice with a reindeer as a BFF in a fictional land is a step too far for you."

He continued:

"I am sorry that in a world of Ice Queens and magic strikes, this 'darkie' as you referred to me was outside of your imagination."
"Perhaps you presumed you were safe to speak of me that way, not feeling you’d be overheard."
"Perhaps the film has a special place in your heart."

He went on to comment on how his "Afro hair and melanated skin" were "beyond the scope of what you could fathom."

Ugoala also wished those theater patrons could have watched the production representing a "cast of all hues and colors" through the innocent eyes of the hundreds of children who are moved by the show.

"The sadness that you left me with tonight will be replaced tomorrow morning with the renewed zeal of one reminded we still have work to do," he wrote, and concluded the thread emphasizing once more, "I wish you had their eyes."

Many fans on Twitter responded with kinds words and love for the talented performer.

Ugoala has trained at London’s Drama Centre, and his resume includes performing in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Henry V and The Mouse and his Child.

He is also the author of his revealing memoir, The Problem With My Normal Penis, which confronts the prejudices faced by Black men and challenges the notions of race, sex, and masculinity that are deeply ingrained in British society.