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Billie Eilish Says She Lost '100,000 Followers' Due To People Getting Angry Over Her 'Big Boobs'

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for Life is Beautiful Music & Art Festival

Pop singer Billie Eilish said she lost 100,000 followers on social media and cited her "big boobs" as the cause of the abandonment of some fans.

Her response to the negative reaction was:

"People hold on to these memories and have an attachment. But it's very dehumanizing."
"I lost 100,000 followers, just because of the boobs. People are scared of big boobs."

Despite the number of hateful comments to her British Vogue shoot, there were plenty of supporters encouraging the singer to express herself however way she chooses.





More support for Eilish continued over on Twitter.

The fan backlash prompted Madonna–who herself faced similar scrutiny with her unapologetic boundary-pushing fashion earlier in her career—to defend Eilish.

The pop icon called out the double standards of the industry and said:

"The problem is, we still live in a very sexist world where women are put into categories."
"You're either in the virgin category or the whore category. Billie started off in a non-sexualized category, not pandering to the masses and not using her sexuality in any way, which is her choice and God bless her for that — after all, she's been a teenager all this time."
"If she wants to turn around and take photographs where she is portrayed as a feminine woman, showing her body in a way that she hasn't in the past, then why should she be punished for it?"
The "Material Girl" singer added:
"Women should be able to portray themselves in any way they want. If Billie were a man, no one would be writing about this."
Eilish told British Vogue she was done with answering to people regarding the negative responses to her looks.

"My thing is that I can do whatever I want," she said.

To clarify any miscommunications about her confidence, she added:

"It's all about what makes you feel good. If you want to get surgery, go get surgery. If you want to wear a dress that somebody thinks that you look too big wearing, f'k it – if you feel like you look good, you look good."

She explained further:

"Suddenly you're a hypocrite if you want to show your skin, and you're easy and you're a slut and you're a whore."
"If I am, then I'm proud. Me and all the girls are hoes, and f**k it, y'know? Let's turn it around and be empowered in that."
"Showing your body and showing your skin – or not – should not take any respect away from you."