Group Of Bikers Line Up At Indiana Girl's Lemonade Stand To Thank Her Mom For Saving Them After A Highway Crash

Good Morning America/YouTube

Saving lives in the hospital is part of being a nurse, but Daryn Sturch went above and beyond last year when she came upon an accident where multiple bikers had been injured.

Upon seeing the injured riders, she stopped her vehicle far enough away to keep her daughter from seeing the injuries and went to help.

Daryn stayed to comfort the injured bikers until emergency services arrived to take everyone to the hospital. Several of the bikers had to be airlifted due to the severity of their injuries.

"I'm a nurse and saw several motorcycles were involved. I told my daughter I need to help and ran up to assist."
"When I pulled up, it looked like one of them had lost control and their bikes [got] tangled. I parked a ways away so my daughter wouldn't see and I ran up. They had some severe injuries."

The bikers she helped later reached out to Daryn to thank her.

"I learned later that the victims were affiliated with a group called Miwaukee Iron. They all reached out to me and thanked me."

The Kokomo, Indiana group stayed in contact with Sturch via Facebook, and when the club saw that Daryn's daughter was putting up a lemonade stand, the whole club decided to stop by for a refreshing glass of lemonade.

30 members of Milwaukee Iron rolled up on their bikes to buy a glass of lemonade from the daughter of the woman who had comforted five of their members while they waited for rescue almost exactly one year before.

You can see a few photos and videos of their visit below:

Sturch said her daughter, Bryanne, was surprised and delighted to have the club as customers.

"I had no idea how many there would be and they were so generous. She was charging $1, and I bet every one of them gave a $5 or $10 or $20. [Bryanne] was as happy as she could be."
"They came through and made her day. She was so happy."

One of the bikers who came to the stand was so badly injured in the accident that Daryn wasn't entirely sure he would survive his injuries.

She was happy to see that he had recovered.

"I feared for his life. This was the first time I've seen him since that day."

Sturch was touched by the whole visit.

"Not only did they make my daughter's lemonade stand unforgettable, but reuniting with these people and seeing how well they are doing was such a fantastic surprise!"

A member of the group was quoted by ABC News and Good Morning America saying how grateful the whole club is to Daryn.

"Seeing Daryn and her family, it turned out to be a great day. It was meant to be that she was there to help that day."

Sturch wants everyone to know what a good group of people the motorcycle club are.

"They're the nicest people. I want everyone to know how amazing they are."

This story is an excellent example of why we shouldn't judge people based on appearances. Many motorcycle clubs are full of wonderful human beings who donate time and money to charity, or take a day just to go make a little girl happy and show their gratitude to her mother.

If you've got a budding entrepreneur or even just for playtime or a school activity, this lemonade stand kit is available here.



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