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Hair Experts Reveal the Best Way to Wash Your Hair: 3 Fast Facts

Hair Experts Reveal the Best Way to Wash Your Hair: 3 Fast Facts

If you're like most people, you probably have a routine while you're showering.

Perhaps you start with shampooing, leave it in while you wash your face, and then rinse it out after a little while and put in some conditioner. It's all part of a daily process for what seems to work the best in the most time-efficient manner.

Well, hair experts have finally weighed in, and we're apparently doing it all wrong.

So what is the correct way to wash your hair? Here are three fast facts about the science behind hair care.

First of all, you're using too much shampoo.

According to Paul Windle, the co-founder of popular hairdresser Windle & Moodie, you don't need very much.

"People tend to use far too much shampoo," he recently told Harper's Bazaar. "The trick is to shampoo twice and both times use a small amount of product."

Also, don't worry if it doesn't lather. It's still doing the job.

And when it comes to rinsing, the more thorough you can be, the better.

"It’s the rinsing that takes the dirt away, not the shampoo. There is no such thing as over-rinsing," Windle says.

Second, you need to go easy on your scalp.

According to Oscar Blandi, who has his own line of haircare products, you don't want to use your nails or press too hard while massaging the shampoo into your hair.

Blandi tells Teen Vogue, "You want to apply minimal pressure. Your scalp might naturally feel it, but it's not as dirty as you think."

And as for conditioner, according to Anthony Cole, the lead stylist for Sebastian Professional Haircare, you only want to leave it in for five to seven minutes, going through it with a comb to detangle, before rinsing it out. Any longer than that, and it will start to leave a residue.

"You should start applying conditioner, mid-shaft downward towards the ends," he recommends. Never the roots.

A third, you shouldn't be so rough when drying your hair.

According to Dove, "Do not rub your hair with a towel to dry it. Instead, gently pat to blot dry your hair. Thereafter, allow your hair to dry naturally."

You don't want to damage your hair by being so vigorous.


And for those who think they might struggle with having enough time to adhere to all of these haircare rules, it might mean showering at night, or waking up a bit earlier to properly give you hair the attention it deserves.

But don't worry about it affecting your shower routine every day. Apparently you shouldn't wash your hair more than three times a week.

While some may already do it:

Change can be hard:

But if you follow these simple tips, hopefully you'll be on your way to a luxurious mane of beautiful, undamaged hair.

Well, assuming you have any hair left to care for:

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