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Adorable Video Of A Bear And A Little Boy Jumping In Unison Is Too Pure 😍🐻

(@marshalederman, @COHummingbird/Twitter)

Patrick Parker and his five-year-old son Ian frequent the Nashville Zoo, but he's never before witnessed his boy engaging in an extended game of copycat with an Andean bear until their most recent trip.

Inside the water filled exhibit, the curious bear splashed into the pool and waded its way over to the leaping boy and joined him for a 10-minute, tandem jump-fest.

The pair separated by glass was united in their playful encounter as the bear continued mimicking Ian's airborne feat.

Many people adored the cute interaction of Mowgli and Baloo-incarnates playing out in the video.

Is Ian the bear-whisperer? This encounter is unprecedented.

Others, however, overlooked the cuteness.

It didn't take long for a debate against animals in captivity to ignite.

Still, paws down, this video is pretty darn cute, and most people viewed it as a welcome reprieve from other negative news headlines in the world.

H/T - ABCnews, Twitter