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Barack Obama Asked To Hold Someone's Baby At A Golf Course In Hawaii And It's Too Precious For Words


Former president Barack Obama has always been vocal about how important family is to him, and how much his daughters have inspired him.

His paternal instincts aren't just reserved for his own kids, though.

After finishing a round of golf at Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course in Hawaii, Obama noticed a couple standing nearby with their baby girl and came over to say hello. He asked "Who is this cutie pie?" and asked to hold the little one.

The little girl, whose name is Riley, seemed fascinated by the former President.

Riley's aunt posted a video of the little one's meeting of a lifetime to Twitter.

Folks on Twitter loved the interaction, and many remarked on how kind Obama is.

Riley's mom, Tiffany Lewis, talked with Good Morning America about the experience.

"I was just in awe. I look back at the pictures and I look so crazy because my mouth was just wide open in shock."

When Tiffany, a Navy veteran, and her husband Richard, a Navy operations specialist second-class, heard that Obama was at the golf course on the Marine Corps base where they live, the couple decided to take Riley and go see if they could meet him.

Lewis talked about why she was so excited to meet Obama.

"I love him. I've read his and his wife's books. I love what they've done, not just politically but as leaders all together. He's one of the most influential people so I wanted to meet him."

She got her wish, and now she has an epic story and video to share with Riley when she's older!

The book Hugs from Obama: A Photographic Look Back at the Warmth and Wisdom of President Barack Obama is available here.