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Baby Kangaroo Makes An Adorable Nuisance As She Impatiently Waits For Her Milk In Viral Video

The Kangaroo Sanctuary/ PA Viral

For many people, meals are the best time of the day and it seems that is true of this little kangaroo.

Sasha is one of the roos at the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia, and it seems she cannot wait to get hold of her milk.

The sanctuary posted a video of Sasha making a nuisance of herself as staff prepared her milk.

Baby kangaroos are also known as Joeys, which I personally find incredibly adorable.

Sasha is a little more than six months old and arrived at the sanctuary a little over a month ago having been orphaned.

She only recently started to venture out of her pouch, and began taking her first hops.

The Kangaroo Sanctuary is run by Chris “Brolga" Barns, sometimes known as Kangaroo Dundee, and has a mission to educate and encourage people to care for kangaroos.