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Dogs competing in agility courses is an entertaining spectator sport, for sure. The four-legged athletes can impress you with their skills and can simultaneously win your heart.

But it's not always the nimble ones that get all the love.

A golden retriever puppy is currently a Twitter star for its attempt at maneuvering through a makeshift beginner's course and failing to leap over a bar.

Instead, the adorable pup did a face plant on the lawn and still won points on the internet.

The young doggo in the video didn't know quite what to do when faced with the obstacle but charged ahead anyway. The result is purely priceless and warrants repeated viewings.

"Not all dogs are athletic," read the caption for what has got to be one of the cutest animal videos to appear on Twitter.

Twitter commented on the pup's determination and of the result many felt was relatable.

People couldn't get enough of how the pup accepted defeat.

A couple of concerned users mentioned the nosedive was more of the owner's fault, rather than the puppy's. They said the bars on jumps should be rigged to collapse and not remain in a fixed position after making contact.

Nevertheless, the pup appeared to not be injured as it managed to wriggle its way out of the situation and move ahead like a champ.