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​TikToker Hit With Death Threats After Exposing CEO's Racist 'No Blacks' Hiring Request

​TikToker Hit With Death Threats After Exposing CEO's Racist 'No Blacks' Hiring Request

A harrowing story of racism and violence is developing on TikTok.

Viral TikToker Denise Bradley, who goes by the handle Aunt Karen on TikTok, has been receiving death threats over a recent series of videos.

Bradley, best known on TikTok for her 'racist of the day' series where she exposes people for their racist behavior, uploaded a video that ended up putting her life in danger.

She uploaded the video back in late July of 2021 where she accused Eileen Cure, a Texas financial advisor at national broker/dealer firm LPL Financial, of racist hiring practices as well as toxic behavior towards her employees.

In the video, Bradley exposes Skype messages between Cure and one of her employees. The messages show Cure refusing to hire Black employees.

Cure writes:

"I wanted to tell you I specifically said no Blacks. I'm not a prejudiced person but our clients are 90% White and I need to cater to them."
"So that interview was a complete waste of my time, so please don't second guess me or go against what I ask. Listen to me and give me what I ask for please."

Watch the video here:


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Bradley then posted Cure's contact information for her followers, asking them to hold Cure accountable.

She said:

"If this is true, she is practicing discrimination and we need to hold her accountable."

Following her first video, Bradley posted more updates on the situation to her TikTok. One such update exposed Cure's toxic work environment.

According to one video, many of Cure's employees quit in light of the allegations against her. As employees began to quit, Cure allegedly refused to give them good recommendations.

The chat message from Cure states:

"If you decide to resign...I will not give you a good reference and I will not sign off on any internships or CPA hours. The firm is in crisis today."

The mounting evidence of racism and workplace toxicity led to Cure being fired from her position at LPL. Cure has now filed lawsuits against Bradley for her call-out videos.

This is where things began getting dangerous for Bradley.

Bradley posted a tweet on Thursday claiming a Houston reporter told her Cure's husband had threatened to kill Bradley.

According to the reporter, later identified as Click2Houston's Taisha Walker, Cure's husband said:

"Tell that TikToker to come down here to Texas, and I'll put her in a grave."

Bradley then wrote:

"At this point I am concerned for my safety, and will be taking necessary steps to protect myself."

Bradley has since announced via TikTok, while she is currently safe, she has had to stay at a hotel for her safety after her address was posted online.

Watch the video here:


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She later said:

"I have to take all threats seriously."
"It's clear her husband blames me for his wife's business failing when it clearly was her own doing."

Bradley posted a TikTok of herself on Monday at the gun range. She said she is taking a firearm concealed carry course and is working to increase security in her home.

Watch here:


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She said:

"I will not be scared away from what I believe in. Racism has no place in 2021."

Bradley's TikTok saga has caused outrage among her followers...

...and garnered much support for Bradley in these scary times.

A GoFundMe page has been posted to support Bradley and has raised over $23,000 so far.