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Someone Found An Album On Spotify That Sure Seems Like Ariana Grande's Unreleased Album 😮

Who is this mysterious Zandhr?

Someone Found An Album On Spotify That Sure Seems Like Ariana Grande's Unreleased Album 😮
Rich Polk/Getty Images, Twitter: @sachindattani

Whenever you get the itch to find some new music Spotify has always been a great place to discover new tracks from artists you may have never heard of. What you might not expect to find though, is an entire album of unreleased tracks from one of the biggest popstars in the world.

News just keeps coming about Ariana Grande this week. After her surprising recent breakup with Pete Davidson, Grande broke her silence and called Davidson out on Twitter after he jokingly proposed to singer Maggie Rogers in an SNL promo. Grande later deleted the tweets.

Then Grande shocked fans by releasing a new track called "Thank U, Next", an empowering anthem about growing and moving on after a relationship ends. Grande named several of her exs on the track, including Davidson. She dropped the track on Twitter an hour before Davidson appeared on SNL Saturday night.

But the latest Ariana bombshell this week was the surprising discovery of an album full of unreleased tracks by Grande on Spotify.

On Monday Twitter user @sachindattani posted that after hearing a rumor about leaked tracks and doing a bit of digging he found a hidden trove of unreleased tracks by Ariana on Spotify.

The album called Nobody Does It Better was listed under an artist named Zandhr, but the voice was almost certainly Ariana's, and many of the songs were established Grande tracks -- like "Champagne", a version of Grande's "Pink Champagne." The album also appeared on Apple Music and Google Play under the same name.

And there were other clues as to the origin of the secret album.

On Spotify the artist had only one playlist, the "Best of Ariana Grande." And many Twitter users pointed out the profile used the upside-down writing that Ariana has been known for lately.

Fans could hardly believe the incredible discovery. Who was this Zandhr, and where did this mysterious album come from? Many didn't know what to make of it.

Though other fans were not about to question their good fortune and only took the time to say thank you.

All good things must come to an end though. Shortly after all the publicity the album was removed from the major streaming platforms.

It was brief, great while it lasted, but unfortunately ended sadly. I guess all we can say it "Thank U, Next"

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