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One Of The New Apple Emojis Has People Feeling Confused Over What It Actually Means 🤔

Artur Debat/Getty Images, Twitter: @h4ckysack

With more than 2,800 emoji available to smartphone users, it’s not surprising a few—like the infamous eggplant 🍆—caused a stir over the years.

Now one of the 158 new digital images released by Apple with iOS 12.1 on October 30 produced mixed reactions from users.

People aren’t quite sure what the facial expression means.

The “woozy” face emoji was part of the new release and has created a discussion on Twitter about what it is trying to convey.

The emoji, looking almost between a grimace and a blush, is described officially as “woozy.”

Emojipedia explains it is a “face which may be showing signs of being tired and emotional, i.e. drunk”. Others are interpreting it as anything from a stroke to biting your tongue accidentally.

Twitter users tried to guess what the face could mean.

While others have already put the emoji to good use.

And others simply feel Apple have run out of good emoji ideas.

Along with the update, users now have access to new graphics including redheads, people with curly hair, a softball, skateboard, mango, bagel and kangaroo emoji.

The flag representing the United Nations was also added.

The emoji had been previously approved but hadn’t been available on iOS until this update.

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.