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Anti-LGBT 'Activist Mommy' Who Claimed Gay People Want To Destroy The 'Natural Family' Announces She's Getting A Divorce

Anti-LGBT 'Activist Mommy' Who Claimed Gay People Want To Destroy The 'Natural Family' Announces She's Getting A Divorce
Elizabeth Johnston/Facebook

Elizabeth Johnston, who dubbed herself "Activist Mommy," recently announced she is filing for divorce from her husband of 22 years.

Johnston is widely known for protesting loudly at LGBTQ+ events, as well as bothering people outside of abortion providers' offices while using "biblical values" as an excuse for her actions.

Johnston, who claims that the LGBTQ+ community are "deconstructing the natural family," said she is seeking a divorce from the father of her 10 children because he has been unfaithful and abusive to her.

"After repeatedly taking him back, covering for him, preserving his reputation, and forgiving him of adultery, pornography and sexual immorality, which began 16 years ago, I have been forced to come to the harsh realization that I've done all I can and am entrusting Him to my Savior!"

The specific nature of that "sexual immorality" is not disclosed, but she references it more than once.

"When my husband would apologize for his sexual sin, I would be prayerful and hopeful that there would be permanent victory. I would assume the best and move on in faith."

Far from being discouraged by the situation, or developing some compassion now that she has had to make such a painful and life-altering decision, Johnston said that she is still determined to continue what she considers "urgent work."

"Though I've thought about giving up due to the overwhelming discouragement of a broken marriage, I have had biblical grounds for divorce for 16 years and have been counseled to not allow the enemy to stop what God has been doing in my life to protect the unborn, protect children and protect families."
"I can't let Satan win. He would love nothing more than to shut down this urgent work that so few are tackling."

She returned to her "urgent work" of bothering people outside abortion providers' offices only 2 days after her post.

You can view Johnston's full Facebook post below, if you want her whole perspective.

There was an assortment of supportive, derisive, and mixed comments on Johnston's post.

Many questioned if the experience would make her question her previous behavior.

Kimsy Lucille/Facebook

Annie Chant/Facebook

Some were incredulous.

Meredith Edwards/Facebook

Some hoped that this hardship would help Johnston grow as a person.

April Ess/Facebook

Alex Xander/Facebook

It would seem that this experience has not helped Johnston to see that her past hateful behavior was misguided.

Instead, it has fueled her passion for what she sees as the right path.

"When you are walking through tragedy, sometimes the best ministry to your soul is to minister to others."

However, Johnston did draw the attention of Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian.

You can see Mrs. Bowers' take on the "Activist Mommy" here.

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