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Anderson Cooper Just Hilariously Mocked Trump For Speaking Like Elmo From 'Sesame Street'

Anderson Cooper Just Hilariously Mocked Trump For Speaking Like Elmo From 'Sesame Street'
CNN/YouTube, Adam Bettcher/Getty Images, Sir Kristofer/YouTube

Like most of us, Anderson Cooper is fed up with Donald Trump.

After being subjected to Trump's ineffective role in the Oval Office and listening to his repetitive bellyaching over his witch hunt, Cooper focused on another of Trump's odd idiosyncrasies.

During his "The RidicuList" segment, the CNN host commented on Trump's "unusual tics" in his speaking style.

"I'm not talking about his screaming or cursing or mimicking a dog chocking to death," said Cooper.

Cooper mocked Trump by speaking in third person, which is something the president has a tendency of doing.

"What Anderson Cooper is talking is his habit of referring to himself in the third person."

You can watch the full segment in the YouTube clip, below.

Anderson Cooper: No president should speak like

The program showed examples of the "the third-person-in-chief" speaking in his "bizarre vernacular," and said that the president is not supposed to talk like Elmo – the lovable red monster from Sesame Street who speaks in a high falsetto.

A clip of Elmo talking in the third person rounded out the segment. But Cooper pointed out that this is not a new affectation for Trump.

"Speaking in the third person was a habit for president Trump long before he moved into 1600 Sesame Street."

He referred to Trump's November 6, 2012, tweet as proof. The then-citizen Trump bragged about his number one show, The Apprentice and congratulated himself.

Even then, his manner of speech raised eyebrows.

I guess we missed an early warning.

Sesame Street fans want to keep politics out of their neighborhood.

Others reveled in another one of Cooper's savage burn against Trump.

Some users gave shade by referring to themselves in third person.

Elmo is now considering speech therapy.