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Ana Navarro Claps Back At Don Jr. For Mocking Her Weight After She Tested Positive For COVID On 'The View'

Ana Navarro Claps Back At Don Jr. For Mocking Her Weight After She Tested Positive For COVID On 'The View'
Handout/Getty Images; Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

People online are applauding The View's Ana Navarro for issuing a fiery clap back at Donald Trump Jr. after he mocked her weight.

In responding to news that Navarro had recently tested positive for the virus while working on the show, Trump Jr. mocked Navarro as an example of "the dangers of [the virus] & obesity."

Navarro fired back and fired back hard as seen below, leveling several insults at Trump Jr. and his father, former Republican President Donald Trump, that have people online cheering.

The row between Navarro and Trump Jr. comes on the heels of a chaotic Friday at The View, with Navarro and co-host Sunny Hostin learning live on air they'd tested positive for the virus ahead of an interview with Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris.

Conservatives immediately seized upon the news, mocking the two for coming down with the virus despite being vaccinated and accusing them of spreading the virus to others.

Trump Jr.—who never passes up an opportunity for a self-own by jumping on a trending Twitter topic—quickly joined the fray, tweeting:

"Given the Ana Navarro news, I think it's time for a national conversation about the dangers of Covid-19 & obesity."

And Navarro wasn't having it.

She quote-tweeted in return:

"@DonaldJTrumpJr, thanks for your concern."
"I don't have COVID."
"Fortunately for you, if you want to have a conversation about the effects of obesity on people with COVID, your dad is a phone call away…assuming he answers your calls."
"Or just ask your sister to call him for you."

Navarro then took it even further on Instagram.

Sharing a screenshot of her Twitter clap back to Trump Jr., Navarro laid into the Trumps even harder.

"Imagine having a father whose a*s is the size of Rhode Island, and taking advantage of it being reported I had [the virus] to take a shot at my weight. At least I'm not orange, or twice impeached."

Note to self: Do not ever, ever come for Ana Navarro.

On Twitter, people absolutely loved that Navarro didn't hold anything back, and the mockery continued in the replies.

Thankfully both Navarro's and Hostin's results turned out to be false positives.

Both passed several subsequent tests over the weekend and were cleared to return to work.

On The View, Navarro also addressed Trump Jr.'s comments.

While some might wonder why Trump Jr. seems to continually self-own online, his cousin Mary Trump explained he's a "deeply unintelligent person."

Someone should really tell him to stop proving her right.