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Amazon Delivery Man Caught On Camera Urinating Near Home's Front Door While Dropping Off Package 😮

Amazon Delivery Man Caught On Camera Urinating Near Home's Front Door While Dropping Off Package 😮

Amazon is amazing as far as convenience is concerned. You can sit around in your PJs, wiggle your finger around a few times, and stuff just shows up at your door. New changes mean things can get to you within a few days - or a few hours. Most people don't stop to think about what that speed and convenience means for the people who work for Amazon. Reports have indicated low pay, steep punishments for not reaching goals, and few (if any) bathroom breaks. We don't know if those issues extend to drivers, but one family's surveillance video seems to suggest it might.

The Anaheim, CA family ordered a package, but when they reviewed their surveillance video, they found out they got a bit more than they ordered. Just after 1PM the video shows their Amazon driver pulling up in a white van. The driver exits the vehicle and walks up to the front door to drop off the package. It all seems normal, and the driver even begins to walk away.

That's when things take a turn. Rather than return to the vehicle, the driver looks around to see if he is being watched. He then strolls up behind a decorative wall and urinates against it. There was nothing stolen, broken, or damaged. The family was just upset and disgusted.

The video was released to the media.


Amazon has been made aware of the incident and has released a statement condemning the driver's actions. Amazon also fired him.

Here's their statement:

"This does not reflect the standards we have for delivery service partners. This individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages and we are working with the customer to make things right."

Twitter seems disgusted, but not surprised - especially since this isn't a new issue.

We're sure nobody likes the idea of people urinating on their homes, but it's clear there's a larger issue at play here. We want your thoughts. Sound off in the comments!

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