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Hilarious Supercut Of Alex Trebek Swearing In Old 'Jeopardy!' Outtakes Just Makes Fans Miss Him More

Hilarious Supercut Of Alex Trebek Swearing In Old 'Jeopardy!' Outtakes Just Makes Fans Miss Him More

America suffered a great loss over the weekend when Jeopardy!host Alex Trebek succumbed to cancer at the age of 80.

But thanks to a montage of the late game show host swearing in old promo outtakes for a telephone version of Jeopardy!, Trebek posthumously elicited smiles from grieving fans.

The Found Footage Festival website shared the montage on Twitter of our beloved TV host cursing.

In one of the clips, the legendary host scolded himself after encouraging audiences to keep watching Jeopardy! 24 hours a day and muttered, "You dumb son of a bi*ch, you don't watch it 24 hours a day."

In another clip, he bluntly replied to someone off-camera:

"F'k 'em."

The montage was seen over four million times online.

In the spirit of Trebek's foul mouth heard in these vintage footage clips, the website's Twitter page captioned their post with:

"No host likes shooting promos, especially for a phone version of their hit game show, but Trebek did them with good humor."
"So long, Alex, and f'k 'em."


Fans got a huge kick out of seeing this side of Trebek.

Watching the montage confirmed something we're all feeling since his passing.

Trebeck peacefully passed away on Sunday, nearly two years after announcing his late-stage pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

Upon news of his death, Sony Pictures Entertainment—which produced the daily syndicated version of Jeopardy!—honored Trebeck with a poignant statement that was posted on Twitter.

"Today we lost a legend and a beloved member of the Sony Pictures family."
"For 37 amazing years, Alex Trebek was that comforting voice, that moment of escape and entertainment at the end of a long, hard day for millions of people around the world."

Before the telecast of the first show aired after his death, Jeopardy! explained Trebek's wish was for his final taped episodes to be broadcast.

People were moved by the tribute.