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Airbnb Slammed For Tone-Deaf Suggestion That People Donate Money To Their 'Favorite Hosts'

Airbnb Slammed For Tone-Deaf Suggestion That People Donate Money To Their 'Favorite Hosts'
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As the pandemic rages on, many businesses are struggling to make ends meet. Few industries have been hit harder than the hospitality industry, and that includes Airbnb.

Some see the downturn for Airbnb hosts as just part of the risk of trying to rent out a home, but Airbnb wanted to do something to help out its hosts.

Something that literally no one asked for.

In an attempt to keep their business model from collapsing, Airbnb sent out an email asking renters to send a "kindness card" to their "favorite hosts." They even suggest that you can include a contribution with the card!

Who hasn't wanted to donate money to a landlord before?

Obviously, this didn't sit well with most people, many of whom were struggling to make their own ends meet.

The viral pandemic is hitting many people hard, with some areas trying to call for rent and mortgage forgiveness to keep things under control. Some places have placed a moratorium on evictions which helps keep people in their homes, but is just pushing the issue down the line.

So it should surprise exactly no one that Airbnb's suggestion to send donations to hosts was widely seen as tone deaf.

Airbnb has been widely criticized for their impact on the housing market, which has led some to conclude that perhaps this is just karma biting them back. Especially for hosts who may have bought multiple homes to rent out and are currently struggling without that rental income.

One suggestion:

Sell the house.

Maybe you could send a kindness card to an Airbnb host you particularly liked. Let them know you're right there with them in this struggling economy.

It's just hard to recommend a donation to go along with it.