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Everyone Is Comparing Their Adult Selves To Their High School Selves On Twitter And It's Everything


Most of us change quite a bit between our high school years and what would be considered adulthood.

We're going to say "most" because we all know/know of that person who peaked in high school and just can't seem to let the glory days go.

This article will not resonate with that "peaked in high school" person ... like at all.

Hashtag Roundup asked Twitter users to do some reminiscing - they wanted us to take it back to high school (for some of us that's waaaaaaaay back, so take your time thinking) and then compare high school us to Adult us.

How are we different? How are we the same?

If you went to high school in the 90's and you were on trend - did your eyebrows ever grow back?

No shade, 90's fam...


Anyway, the roundup was pretty popular, and brought a few things to light.

Firstly, high school self is not our best, guys. We were kind of messy - but the glow ups we had when we stopped worrying so much ... WOW!

Secondly, we appear to be quite disillusioned with pants... just as a concept, ya know?

And thirdly, resting is magical and people want more of it.

Seriously, we feel so deeply represented by these responses.

Some things never change, though...

#SAME, fam, same.