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Fans Are Losing Their Minds After Adele Shares Teaser For Her First New Single In Six Years

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

After six years of waiting, Adele fans have finally gotten a small taste of her newest single that will be coming out ahead of her next album.

Just recently, fans were ecstatic over the number "30" being projected on famous landmarks and in cities all over the world. Many speculated it was the title of Adele's next album because her past albums were all named after the ages she began working on them.

Her first album was named19 and her second called 21. Her last album that debuted in 2015 was called 25, when she was age 27.

Today, 33-year-old Adele shared a 20 second clip of her single "Easy on Me" to her Twitter and Instagram, which will come out October 15.

The dreamy piano danced over black and white images of Adele putting in a cassette tape and begins driving in a car with sheet music flying out the back window in the wind.

The clip cuts off before we can hear her voice come in.

Adele fans are even more convinced the projected number "30" is a stunt to promote her new music.

Amongst the chaos of the Instagram and Facebook outage that happened October 4, Adele replied to the official Twitter account with an cheeky "hiya, babes."

It has been a good nine-months since she's last posted anything.

Even Twitter couldn't handle it.