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80-Year-Old Woman Becomes Instant Icon After Describing How She Used A 'Whole Tube' Of Lube During First Night With 35-Year-Old 'Toyboy'

This Morning/YouTube; @niamhhassell/Twitter

The sex lives of seniors isn't usually on the front of anybody's mind, but occasionally, it does come up in an "I kinda wish I didn't hear that" ways.

Viewers of This Morning were given one such dose of an unexpected story when an 80-year-old woman talked about her first night with her 35-year-old Egyptian "toyboy."

Iris, our senior, sent an entire audience of viewers into the atmosphere with her story of her "first night" with her dream man, Mohamed Ahmed Ibriham from Cairo, whom she met on social media.

"We found we had lots in common," Iris began, describing how she came to be attached to her Egyptian man.

"He proposed after 15 days, and I said 'you are absolutely mad'....but I knew from the conversations we had, he was very very genuine."

And then the conversation took a fateful turn.

After the hosts asked about how their first night together was, Iris immediately answered "pretty rough."

"Nobody had nailed me for 35 years, I thought I was a virgin again...Can I say that we used a whole tube of KY jelly?"




"Anyway, we got over that, the sex is not the important thing because I can't sleep with him. You get an elbow in the face, a knee in the back. He used to sleep on the settee."

The hosts were doubled over in laughter while Iris described her sexcapades.

Despite concerns that her 35-year-old "toyboy" may be after her money, people are applauding Iris across the Atlantic.

2020 is already producing icons at an alarming rate.