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This 33-Pound Cat Setting Out On A Weight Loss Journey Is The Internet's New Obsession

This 33-Pound Cat Setting Out On A Weight Loss Journey Is The Internet's New Obsession

A couple who runs a company making wall-mounted furniture for cats wanted to add another feline in addition to the two they already have at home.

So Mike Wilson and his girlfriend Megan Hanneman went to the local Humane Society and instantly fell in love with Bronson – a "gentle giant" who weighed 33 pounds.

But first, they had to secure an interview in order to adopt him.

The couple was told they couldn't meet Bronson face to face right away due to the The Humane Society being "backed up." So all they saw on the first day was literally the cat's backside.

"He made us wait for the front," they wrote on Bronson's own Instagram page.

When the couple went back for the interview, they found little information on Bronson's history other than the fact that the three-year-old kitten weighed 33 pounds and the previous owner had passed away.

They suspected it was an elderly person who may have been feeding him table scraps or something.

After the successful interview officially made them proud new parents and brought him into their home, Mike and Megan found peculiar physical attributes that made Bronson extra special.

After the successful interview made them the proud parents of Bronson, they disc All of a sudden, we noticed that he was a polydactyl cat with extra fingers and had very pronounced thumbs! Even more adorably, his paws oddly resembled our home state of Michigan.


Now the goal was to put Bronson on a strict diet, but they had to be cautious.

It's very important for heavy cats to lose weight slowly, or else they can get Fatty Liver Disease, which can be a fatal illness.

They changed his diet three times and is currently on a 375 calorie diet. For exercise, they're experimenting with different tactics, including carrying him downstairs so that he can climb back upstairs on his own.



Bronson has his own Instagram account chronicling his weight loss and it has already amassed over 38,000 followers.

He's not quite ready to join the other cats in testing the furniture up on the wall, but they know he'll get there in due time.

The target goal for Bronson is to lose one pound per month, and he's currently down 1.6 pounds. Soon, he'll be joining his new friends up on the wall playground.

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