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WWE Star Takes DNA Test To Prove He's Not Lauren Boebert's Father After Claim By Her Mom

The MAGA Rep.'s mother, Shawn Roberts Bentz, had a brief affair with former WWE wrestler Stan Lane in the mid-'80s.

Stan Lane; Lauren Boebert
Pro Wrestling Wiki, Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Retired pro-wrestler Stan Lane confirmed Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert was not his daughter after taking a second DNA test.

Lane is famous for his appearances with the Continental Wrestling Association (CWA) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in the 1980s. He also formerly worked as a WWF broadcast team member in the 90s.

The 69-year-old took a court-ordered paternity test decades ago after Boebert's mother, Shawn Roberts Bentz–who once had a fling with Lane–claimed he was Boebert's biological father.

Bentz petitioned for the courts to investigate Lane after learning the phlebotomist, now deceased, who had taken Lane's blood sample was previously convicted of accepting a bribe to switch samples in a separate case tied to an NFL player who was denying paternity of another child.

When the 1990 paternity test confirmed the GOP lawmaker was not Lane's daughter and the suit was dismissed, Bentz remained persistent and continued making allegations on social media posts between 2008 and 2013.

In 2012, Bentz sent North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation a letter asking for further investigation, but there is no record the Bureau took action.

Lane and Boebert agreed to take a new DNA test last month.

The results again ruled Stan Lane—the man her mother claimed was her father—out of the running as Boebert's biological father.

Boebert's paternity remains a mystery.

Boebert told TheDaily Beast:

“I can confirm that Stan Lane is not my biological father."
"I personally have never publicly claimed he was my father—but certainly, that allegation is out there."

Lane also issued a statement through a close friend to the wrestling news site, and to The Daily Beast.

He stated:

“This situation and the numerous false claims made against me over the years has been stressful for me and my family."
“I feel my otherwise good reputation has been tarnished considerably."
"I and other close members of my inner circle have been dragged into this as well.”

Bentz met Lane in the 80s when he was working for Championship Wrestling and living in Florida.

After Boebert was born, Bentz sought child support.

Lane said:

“[I] received notice that a woman I had a short affair with was accusing me of fathering her child."

The former wrestler added:

“We went through the legal system and completed a court-ordered paternity test.”
“I was declared not to be the father and the case was dismissed.”

Lane let Boebert take custody of his DNA sample to avoid any question of the sample's authenticity.

He added:

“The results came back on May 11, 2023. They were conclusive that I had a 0.0% chance of being the biological father.”
"Once we both reviewed the results Lauren and I agreed that this matter is settled, and I accepted Lauren’s apology on behalf of herself and her mother.”

Boebert responded:

“It was kind of like ya, this is it, OK!”
“He has been wrongfully attacked, and he doesn’t deserve that.”

Lane added in his statement:

“I have also been followed by the news media so that they could get the scoop on this topic.”
“I ask that I be taken out of this equation since a conclusive result has been given to both sides.”

He wished Boebert well.

“If she continues the search for her biological father I hope she finds the answers she has been looking for."