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Wow Air Completely Shuts Down Without Notice, Leaving Flyers Stranded And Furious

Wow Air Completely Shuts Down Without Notice, Leaving Flyers Stranded And Furious

Wow Air, the Icelandic airline known in the U.S. for incredibly cheap flights from North America to Europe, unexpectedly announced its closing this past Thursday, March 28.

The news that the airline was shuttering came via a post on the company's website, which informed passengers their flights would not be happening and advised they "reach out to other carriers."

The news came as a shock to many, especially the thousands now stranded around the world.

In its early years, the airline recorded promising growth, with 37 destinations and "60 percent annual growth in passenger numbers."

It would seem this economic model would be unsustainable, however, and Wow recorded a 20% dip in revenue per passenger in 2017.

Before long, the company would be searching for a buyer.

Planes were grounded in "Montreal, Toronto, Boston, Detroit, New York and Baltimore" on Wednesday.

Several more from "Amsterdam, Dublin, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt and Copenhagen" were grounded on Thursday.

On Twitter, many displeased customers expressed their frustration:

Wow Air was founded by entrepreneur Skuli Mogensen, who's been in talks to sell the company for the past six months.

For a while, it seemed the company's main rival, Icelandair, might be interested in purchasing the airline.

There was also some interest from American company Indigo Partners.

Ultimately, however, these plans fell through, leaving Wow Air with no course of action but to close.

Mogensen expressed his sadness in a letter to employees:

"I will never forgive myself for not acting sooner. WOW was clearly an incredible airline and we were on the path to
do amazing things again."

Tourism is Iceland's largest industry.

With peak season approaching, the sudden removal of a travel option is expected to cause complications for the nation, perhaps even triggering a dip in the economy.

With some luck, hopefully everyone who was planning to return from their vacations via Wow Air is able to find safe passage back home.