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Top Worst Secret Santa Gift Idea Fails & Stories for 2017

Top Worst Secret Santa Gift Idea Fails & Stories for 2017

We have all been there with Secret Santa gift exchanges -- the purchase limits, the gag gifts, the last-minute thoughtless re-gifts, the envelopes with a twenty dollar bill (or worse, loose change), and the useless junk you'll never use for anything. Secret Santa is an institution we all kind of "secretly" hate, but at the same time, it saves us from having to buy cheap gifts for everyone at work, or all 20 of cousins. With what began as a twitter announcement about a one-woman comedy show, people were inspired to share the worst Secret Santa Gifts they have either given or received.

Twitter did not disappoint.

Shopping for your Secret Santa gift can be hell on Earth.

Those times we have mental meltdowns in the middle of the mall because we have absolutely no idea what to get for a co-worker.

Then there is the issue of walking into a store to buy something for your Secret Santa recipient, but find yourself buying things for yourself instead.

Buying all the things.

Yes, that it Girl Scout Thin Mints cereal.

Be careful what you say when people ask for hints and advice.

There are those people who are "resourceful."

But don't let your boss find out.

That's coming out of your paycheck!

Secret Santas who re-gift slightly used items are the worst.

Would this be considered quality testing?

Everyone needs to eat, but what kinds a person is a Secret Santa who buys sandwiches?

At least the gift is already wrapped!

These Secret Santas are the absolute worst people.

This person received something thrown together at the last minute.

Only for her thoughtful gift to be credited to the wrong person.

And this person's Secret Santa didn't even bother to show up.

Last-minute glovebox grab bag bundle.

This person didn't spend any thought on their gift. All that's missing is the kitchen sink. The presentation is crude as well.

This Secret Santa has passive aggressive issues.

Who caps gifts at five dollars?

And the winner for the laziest Secret Santa gift ever goes to this guy!

No thoughtfulness required for assembly.

Or is it the smartest gift ever?

Just give us the money.

But does handing someone cash defeat the purpose of Secret Santa?

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h/t: Twitter