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Viral Video Shows How Women Have Been Holding Their Keys Wrong For Self-Defense This Whole Time

Viral Video Shows How Women Have Been Holding Their Keys Wrong For Self-Defense This Whole Time

Women all over the world are faced with an unfortunate reality when going out for an evening. The walk home at night is cause for concern.

Most women grew up learning to keep their heads on a swivel and their hands ready for a possible attacker. And this includes the age old keys in the fingers technique.

It involves sticking the multiple keys on a keychain in between each pair of fingers on a single hand to create a Wolverine-style hand weapon in case an attacker ever approached and self defense was needed.

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But one TikTok user recently pointed out this particular method was a bit flawed. Of course, they didn't disagree a makeshift self-defense weapon was unfortunately required for women.

They did, however, suggest a better way.

The video, posted by TikTok user @faesfx, exploded in popularity since it was posted.

They started by explaining how the typical method would allow the keys to slide back into the holder's hands, thus putting them in danger of cutting and hurting themselves while they attempted to ward off an attacker.

Instead, they suggested holding the key in the palm with the sharp end sticking down and out, allowing for a swingable stabbing device.

The range of motion would be increased and the risk of self-inflicted cuts would be lowered.

Win, win.

The video closed with a full demonstration, which even included an assistant to help set the scene.

TikTok viewers were grateful for the advice.

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But alongside gratitude came a shared frustration.



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Perhaps someday there will be a world where men behave in a way that allows women to walk around without a fist-clenched weapon always at the ready.

Alas, that day has yet to come. But at least TikTok has and it's brought some good advice.