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Tennessee Woman Fired After Telling Black Protester That 'White Lives Are Better' In Racist And Homophobic Rant


Video taken during a recent protest in Elizabethton, Tennessee, showed a White woman repeatedly screaming "White lives matter," "White lives are better" and homophobic remarks at Black Lives Matter protesters.

Following the incident, the video was published and shared on various social media websites. Since then, thousands have viewed the footage.

The woman, identified as Sonya Holt, has been fired, Johnson City Press reports.

The video began with Holt leaning into the camera and screaming the following:

"White lives matter you Black, twisted, crazy person."

After briefly being held back, Holt leaned in again:

"White lives matter. You're just a poor little Black girl who's got a messed up mind."

Holt then chanted "White lives matter" repeatedly before modifying her chant to:

"White lives are better."

Johnson City Press went on to report that Holt had been employed at a vision center in the area, but lost her job after the video surfaced, according to an employee there.

Folks on Twitter were grateful the video proof led to accountability.

The heated exchange was one of many that occurred between anti-racism protesters and counter-protesters at a demonstration at Covered Bridge Park in Elizabethton, Tennessee.

The protest was planned by the local New Panther Initiative, a Black Lives Matter group in the area. When the group and other supporters arrived at the park, several individuals wearing pro-Trump merchandise heaved obscenities at the demonstrators.

Despite the aggressive behavior of Holt and others at the event, things did end peacefully.

Twitter had little patience or sympathy for Karen/Sonya Holt.

As always, social media has managed to remind everyone that we are not in a post-racial United States.