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Woman Stunned After Date Tells Her 'You're Too Fat For Me' Within Minutes Of Meeting Her

Woman Stunned After Date Tells Her 'You're Too Fat For Me' Within Minutes Of Meeting Her

Girl, you should have swiped left and saved yourself some time.

TikTok user @KailzBailz, better known by some by her real name Kailee Ross, received an outpouring of support after recounting what will probably go down as one of the worst first dates in history.

The approximately one-minute TikTok opened with Kailee saying:

"I think the world needs a little bit more representation of what dating in 2022 is shaping up to look like.”

What prompted her to make the TikTok and provide users with a first-hand account of dating in 2022, you ask?

The man Kailee went on a date with deemed it not only okay but necessary to begin the date by saying to her:

“Well, you’re too fat for me.”

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The shocking statement left many TikTokers in a tizzy with comments to further emphasize their dismay over the whole ordeal.




Kailee began the TikTok—which has accrued almost one million views, 105,000 likes and nearly 5,300 comments since being posted three days ago—by providing context to the whole date.

Kailee met the man in question on Tinder where they seemed to hit it off right away, with the man even goes as far as telling her he saw 'a lot of potential' and he was excited to meet her.

The two quickly made plans to go on a first date at a restaurant—so far so good.

But once at the restaurant, while waiting a mere fifteen minutes to be seated at their table, things took a turn for the worse. As Kailee told viewers, the two were having a decent conversation as they waited when, all of a sudden, the man said:

"Hey, I’m going to be honest I’m not really feeling a connection."

After being told this information, Kailee was quick to say it was fine followed by asking if she should leave or whether he still wanted to eat.

The man said they could still get dinner together and Kailee obliged.


Fast forward to the pair being seated at their table and after Kailee takes her coat off the man said to her:

"Oh… yeah I thought so."

Confused by the seemingly out of the blue statement, Kailee said ‘What?’ to which he replied:

"Well you know fitness and being healthy is really a big part of my life."

When asked to elaborate, the man replied:

“Well, you’re too fat for me.”


After dropping that bomb on viewers, Kailee immediately followed up by saying:

“[His] exact words."
"Exact words—You’re too fat for me.”

The unbelievable story sparked outrage from viewers as well as signs of support, with commenters coming to Kailee's defense and complimenting her for being beautiful.

Other TikTok users had a different take, choosing to call out the man for his bold statements.




In a follow-up TikTok, Kailee revealed how she reacted to him calling her fat after several comments were left on her original video inquiring about it.


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In the immortal words of Beyoncé:

"Tell that boy bye."