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Woman Stages Fake Wedding In Elaborate Attempt To Get Her Ex-Boyfriend To Reach Out To Her

Woman Stages Fake Wedding In Elaborate Attempt To Get Her Ex-Boyfriend To Reach Out To Her

In the era where social media is king and people can use virtually any platform to reach out to one another, it's comforting to know some will still communicate the good old fashion way, like staging a fake wedding to get their ex to reach out.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, you read that right.

One woman is going viral on TikTok after revealing she staged a believable, fake wedding as part of her elaborate plan to get her ex-boyfriend to reach out to her.

TikTok user @dieschaklin has nearly 3 million views on her video, aptly titled “remembering the time I faked my own wedding and had a professional photo shoot so he would reach out”.


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TikToker @dieschaklin's ruse was made all the more believable with the inclusion of the quintessential white dress, a three tier cake, wedding photos and her very own rent-a-groom.

Unsurprisingly, this story left many people scratching their heads and demanding she reveal the method to her madness while others were left feeling "good because there are crazier women out there..."



The TikTok features the trending song "Insane" by Summer Walker.

The song has received its fair share of airplay as it's accompanied numerous videos made by people recounting the trials, tribulations and wild experiences in pursuit of true love.

The song features lyrics such as ‘God help me, I think I’m insane’ which is all too fitting for the given situation.




The viral video has garnered a staggering 515,000 likes and nearly 7,000 comments, which only add to the chaos that is this unbelievable tale of love.

Some may dub it a romantic gesture while others are left speechless.

But one thing that's not up for debate is this woman's dedication and commitment to the bit, no matter how outlandish it may be.




As you're all probably wondering by now, what ended up happening?

Did her ex reach out and declare is undying love for her after realizing he almost lost her to another man? Unfortunately, the fruits of her labors were all for naught as @dieschaklin revealed in her caption her former boyfriend watched her stories but never reached out.

But hey, it's a solid A for effort!