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This Incredible Video Of Woman Running Just Like A Horse Is Galloping All Over Social Media

This Incredible Video Of Woman Running Just Like A Horse Is Galloping All Over Social Media

Okay look, if you're a bit sensitive about unusual body movements then this article and the accompanying video might be a bit much for you.

Not sure if you are or not?

Here's a test.

Watch this.

If you wanted to punt your device across the room then yep, we're talking about you.

Still with us? You guys okay?

(half of you right now...)GIPHY

Time to talk about Ayla Kirstine. She's not, in any way, the first person to run around on all fours.

She's not even the first person to garner themselves some internet fame for being really good at it. There's just something about the way she does it that is somehow better/worse than everyone else we've seen.

Most of the internet has dubbed it running like a horse, but some people think it looks more canine. That's particularly true in the clip of her running around a field with a dog.

Either way, all we see when we watch this is a chiropractor's bill.

The over-extension of Ayla's neck to look forward just seems painful.

The original viral tweet was in German (though Ayla is Norwegian).

But you don't need a translator to get the gist of some of these responses.

At first Ayla wasn't a fan of all the attention. It turns out she's quite shy, kind of socially awkward and a total hypochondriac.

But after a while she decided to just roll with it and created an Instagram account full of videos of her just trotting around, doing her thing.

Who wants some highlights‽‽

Shout out to the slow-mo "blooper" clip.

So what have we learned?

One, Ayla is way more flexible in the neck than pretty much any of us could ever hope to be.

More importantly, though, when you find your weird ya just gotta run with it.

Even if you run like a horse.