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Woman Can't Stop Laughing After Getting A Little Too Into The Holiday Spirit With A Stranger At A Gas Station

Mary Katherine Backstrom/Facebook

It's time for the holiday spirit and being full of cheer and good will toward our fellow humans.

Mary Katherine Backstrom, the blogger behind MomBabble, showed a very overt love of the holiday spirit to a complete and total stranger in a gas station parking lot in an encounter that left her in tears of laughter.

Mary Katherine Backstrom, a Florida mom, loves the holiday season.

After getting in the spirit by buying another person's ginger ale at her local Wawa/gas station, Backstrom walked out to see a man cleaning her car's windshield.

How kind!

Backstrom said in a now viral video:

"I'm convinced this is the Christmas magic and I'm like, 'Oh gosh I just love this time of year you know'."
"So, I walk up to the man and say 'This is my favorite part of humanity, I love Christmas so much, thank you for doing this' and I give him a hug."

After pausing for a full belly laugh before the big reveal, she said:

"It wasn't my car! He was parked directly in front of me!"


Backstrom continues that this may have been the most embarrassing thing she's ever done.

"I just walked away. Because what do you do? I just got in my car and drove to a different parking spot so I could tell y'all about it."

She continued:

"I don't know what's happening in your day, but if you're not hugging strangers at the gas station, you're doing pretty well."

Backstrom's blog, MomBabble, seeks to help new wives and mothers navigate the new life they build for themselves when they become parents.

Part of those stories include laughs like these, to bring a little levity to the holiday season.