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TikToker Puts Woman On Blast For Groping Gaston Character At Disney Park: 'Do Not Be That Person'


You can have your fantasies come true in many of Disney's magical parks around the world, but that doesn't mean visiting guests have permission to engage in improper conduct to make them happen.

That includes getting handsy with roaming park characters like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

When it comes to being heckled at or touched inappropriately, Gaston doesn't have time for that.

TikToker Evan Snead, who posts content focusing on Disney parks, shared old footage of a giddy female park guest sidling up to the narcissistic villain and groping his chest.

"Please do not be that person," urged the TikToker.


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In the video, the woman, who knows nothing of boundaries, grabbed Gaston's chest with both hands while he was posing with her for a picture.

He backed off and gestured for her to leave without breaking character.

Perhaps she misinterpreted his dismissal of her because she continued giggling and proceeded to grab his chest once again.



This time, he emphatically ordered her to "Leave" and pointed her in the direction away from his vicinity.

And when she appeared to ask for a photo together, he confirmed, "You're done."

She literally was not getting the picture.


As the woman walked away, the actor reminded her, "There's children."



The video was viewed over 6.7 million times.

Snead wrote in the caption "this just boils my blood" and reminded viewers never to engage with the characters in the same manner or be rude to them while visiting a Disney park.



Snead confirmed the footage was old because Gaston was no longer meeting at the moment due to social distancing guidelines with characters still enforced in the parks.

"He was every bit in the right to do that," said Snead of the actor in the clip.

"And just so you know if you do harass the characters like that, more often than not, they'll not play into it. They're not gonna think it's cute."



Snead added:

"If you do not want a stranger coming up to you in public at your place of work and putting their hands all over you then don't do it to the characters."
"The characters want you to have a great time and enjoy meeting them, but it is their place of work. It is a family place of business, and they are also people."



One person joked on the Cringetown subReddit that the woman "forgot she was in the Magic Kingdom, not Magic Mike."


Snead also reminded viewers not to use "uncomfortable language" in addition to "uncomfortable touching" and not to be mean to the characters, especially to villains like Gaston or Kylo Ren.

After all, they are still people who don't want to be fondled, grabbed, poked, or prodded at their place of work.

Currently, all characters in Disney parks and on their cruise ships are doing photos ops with a variety of barriers separating themselves from park guests as part of an active health and safety measure.