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Woman Gets Pelted In the Face By An Entire Graduation Cake After TikTok Prank Goes South

Woman Gets Pelted In the Face By An Entire Graduation Cake After TikTok Prank Goes South

A video of a guy hurling an entire sheet cake at a woman who presumably ruined the face of a graduate printed on the frosting has gone viral and even sparked death threats.

Few comments sympathized with the girl who fell backward from the force of the airborne cake that was catapulted in her direction. Many said she deserved it.

TikToker Haily Jean—a.k.a. @haileyauriemma—posted what was supposed to be a prank video, but it took a twisted life of its own on social media.

The clip first showed two women dragging their fingers across a graduate's portrait on the frosting and then licking their sticky fingers.

The clip's text-to-speech caption read:

"Graduate wasn't too happy we ruined his face."

The clip then cut to a man, initially thought to be of the graduate on the cake, hurling the entire cake at the woman.


#28XTREMES #NightDoneRight #cake #caketotheface #foryoupage

Viewers were here for the sweet, albeit messy, revenge.






The clip was also shared on Twitter, where comments also favored the cake launcher.

One Twitter user said of the two cake-defacers:

"Bet they won't do that sh*t again."
"Some folks play too much and it's absolutely malicious."
"It's no longer just jokes when you intentionally strike a nerve."
"That sh*t isn't cool. Buddy does have some issues though...that throw was full force."

According to the Daily Dot, Jean received death threats from those who missed the humor in the video. However, Jean insisted the prank was all in good fun.

Jean, who had her arm around her cousin who hurled the cake, responded to the online criticism by explaining:

"This is my cousin."
"I did not ruin his graduation party."
"He actually enjoyed throwing the cake."

She also posted a follow-up video with the caption:

"You guys have no sense of humor and don't have the typical brother/sister relationship with your cousin."

#foryoupage thank you for bullying us ! you guys have no sense of humor and don’t have the typical brother/sister relationship with your cousin .

People remained skeptical.




When the "bullying" toward Jean continued, the cousin added a video of his own on her TikTok page and explained:

"I enjoyed them ruining the cake, and I thought it was funny as f'k. But don't bully them."

WARNING: NSFW language


#foryoupage family bond ! 💗💗 thanks for getting a video deleted that our family will laugh about for years

When a commenter suggested Jean should "blow [her] brains out!!!", she posted a final video and gave a new explanation.

"The videos were put together to make a funny video."
"They do not correlate at all."
"The boy that threw the cake, it was not his graduation party."
"It was his brother's."

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Jean went on to explain she and a friend thought it would be funny to wipe their fingers on the cake and send it to the graduate because he would also find it funny. The party was already over at this point and they messed with the cake before it was about to be thrown in the garbage.

She added the party started as a "cake war" and the younger cousin thought it would be funny to throw the cake at someone, and the person who got pelted with it happened to be the girl from the original video with her who happened to be standing "in the line of fire."

She continued:

"No one's mad, I don't know why any of you are hurt or sending me death threats. Did you pay for the cake? Were you going to eat the cake? No."
"So we should not be getting death threats over a cake that none of you would ever be touching and it has nothing to do with any of you."

She concluded the video with:

"So I would like for all of you to stop, please."