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Horrified Couple Catches Woman On Video Giving Man A Pedicure On Their Flight 🤢

Horrified Couple Catches Woman On Video Giving Man A Pedicure On Their Flight 🤢

Lynee and Jake Ruiz were on their flight from Denver to Milwaukee when they looked over and witnessed a behavior that made their heart stop: a fellow passenger, who happened to be traveling with a sleeping companion, was passing the time by giving him a pedicure.

Lynee, who captured the video, can be seen snickering before panning over to the sleeping man whose foot is propped in his partner's lap as she files his toenails.

She later told Inside Edition:

"Jake kept going, 'Oh my God, oh my God, you will not believe it! Look at them! Look at them!'"

Man Gets Pedicure From Wife on

The video was posted to popular Instagram account Passenger Shaming, where it has nearly 200,000 views.

Jake commented on how the strange couple quickly became the entire plane's center of attention.

"Everyone was kind of looking around and felt uncomfortable."

The odd couple's behavior didn't stop at foot care, however.

Jake recalls:

"They brought some burritos on board that stunk up the plane."

Lynee elaborated:

"She was feeding him his burrito, airplane-style, so she was like, brrrr [baby feeding sound]"

Later on, the woman apparently lost a sock, which caused her to drop down on all fours looking for it, according to Lynee:

"She was just crawling around."

Jake recalls the initial frustration of being stuck on the flight with two oddballs being gradually replaced by morbid curiosity in their behavior.

"At first we were frustrated. We were like, man, this is gonna be a long flight and then we just made light of it and started enjoying the show."

Twitter was certainly glad the Ruizes were there to witness this behavior instead of the rest of us.

May the toenail clippers both get lumps of coal in their stocking this holiday season!