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Woman Shocked To Learn Date Who Keeps Standing Her Up Is Actually Her Boss Catfishing Her

Woman Shocked To Learn Date Who Keeps Standing Her Up Is Actually Her Boss Catfishing Her

This sounds like a problem for HR...

One TikTok user is going viral after posting a TikTok to her account that details how she was catfished by her own boss, who proceeded to stand her up on their date.

TikTok user Olivia Fenton, also known on TikTok by her username @oliviafenton4, told her followers in the minute-and-twelve second TikTok the elaborate plot that was allegedly constructed and conducted by her own manager.


catfished by my own boss! has this also happened to any of you nyc girlies out there I must know #fyp #catfished #nyc #live #laugh #love

Olivia explained in the TikTok how her manager came into work one day saying she wanted to set Olivia up with one of her friends.

Open to the idea, Olivia agreed to be set up on a blind date. This is where things start to get a little bit fishy...

Olivia went on to say that on the night of their first date, the mystery man stood her up. On the second, he got “stuck in meetings.”

And on the third attempt at meeting in person, the man apparently went to the bar but didn’t see her and left. He supposedly tried to go back to see if she had just arrived late but when he tried to go back to find her his train got “stuck underground.”





After the trio of suspiciously failed attempts to go on a date, Olivia reached out to her manager who tried to set her up with the friend and let her know she just didn't think it was going to work out.

Thinking the situation was behind her, Olivia went on with her life being none the wiser only to receive an unexpected text on Christmas. It was the man asking Olivia for one more chance to go on a date. Olivia cautiously agreed, citing she "stripped the humbug cloak off her body" and said 'Yes.'

But, to absolutely no one's shock, the man did not show up for what Olivia had dubbed the "redemption dinner."

His reasoning this time?

He supposedly got into a car accident on the way to meet her.


After the fourth try, Olivia started to add all the piece together and realized the math simply wasn't adding up in this situation.

In the TikTok, which now has nearly four million views, 569,000 likes, and 13,000 comments, Olivia described how she came to the shocking realization the manager who had tried to set her up with her friend was catfishing her.

Upon further investigation, Olivia realized her manager had a burner phone and used a random Georgian boy's photos to make Olivia believe she was speaking with someone other than her own manager.

To make matters even more problematic, Olivia revealed the manager also sent flowers to her house and pretended they were from the so-called blind date. Upon closer inspection, Olivia found her boss’ handwriting and the mystery man’s handwriting were exactly the same.


We think not.



The wild tale left TikTok viewers absolutely gobsmacked and begging for more details.

Olivia gave the people exactly what they wanted in a follow-up TikTok.


Reply to @elysemyers updates on being catfished by my manager #fyp #catfish

In the update, Olivia revealed she took the advice of several TikTokers and reported the incident to HR.

The outcome of the whole ordeal was her manager was terminated for her inappropriate behavior.

She had a history of committing similar offenses at her previous job.


We wonder if the producers of MTV's Catfish have caught wind of this yet...