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All Hell Breaks Loose After Woman Confronts Her Gay Best Friend For Sleeping With Her Boyfriend In Wild TikTok Video


TikTok user @allyvlogs posted a video that's got the world's attention in the best worst way right now.

In it, we get to watch the most mic-drop of a planned confrontation ever when a woman confronts a group of her friends for covering up an affair with her boyfriend.

And included in the group: the guy who is the one sleeping with her boyfriend.


The video starts with a group of five friends all squished together in the frame to play a game where they put a finger down if they've done whatever thing is mentioned.

The first few questions are no-brainers: been drunk? Worn dirty socks? Ever been outside of Europe? Then comes question four.

And it is an ultra-specific doozy.

"Put a finger down if one of your best friends slept with your boyfriend and the rest of your friends didn't tell you about it for over six months."

The friends look around confused for about .08 seconds before the man sitting to the far right of the frame caves and asks "Who the f*ck told her?!"

The video takes off from there.

It's a 45-second cinematic masterpiece as far as Twitter is concerned.

That doesn't mean everyone was feeling the content, though.

Some people pointed out a few "teachable moments" here.

Listen, we all know the Golden Girls theme. We've heard "That's What Friends Are For". There is at least one friend song in pretty much every musical.

We know better, fam. The Golden Girls would never sleep with each other's partners without consent. Not even Blanche!

If the video is real, we hope these friends are able to get it together and find peace and resolution and everyone comes to terms with their sexuality whatever it may be (Just because the boyfriend had sex with a man doesn't mean he's gay. He could be bi, pan, experimenting, etc.), and we super hope everyone finds relationships that learn to respect their boundaries.

If it's staged, as many suspect ... hell, we really want the next episode, let's be real.