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The Internet Can't Decide If This Woman Who Caught Her Champagne Instead Of A Falling Baby Is A Hero Or A Villain


The internet was torn over deciding what to make of a video on social media featuring a woman, a baby, and a glass of champagne.

In the clip, a woman seated on a couch appeared to be supporting a wobbly toddler who was leaning towards a coffee table.

When the curious tyke reached for one of two glasses filled with champagne on the table, it began to topple over.

The woman – whose relation to the baby was unspecified – had to make a split decision: save the glass of bubbly or save the young one from falling.

Ultimately, the woman revealed where her priorities lay when she released her support of the baby and went for the champagne glass.

Though the flute was held firmly and spared from potential shattering, its contents were not the only thing that hit the floor.

Twitter user @CulturedRuffian posted the popular video of the falling baby and captioned it with:

"When you've finally become an adult and have your priorities straight."

The video amassed over 8 million views and received 112,5K likes.

People agreed it warranted repeat viewings.

For those who laughed and couldn't decide whether the woman was a hero or villain, they gave responses indicating the glass was half full.

Let's break down the options.

Many believed the woman's instincts were perfectly intact.

The baby may have had its first taste of alcohol, but it appeared to be safe after landing on the carpet.

Cheers to the champagne enthusiast for preventing a disaster.