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'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Takes An Awkward Stab At Puzzle—And Misses Hilariously Hard

'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Takes An Awkward Stab At Puzzle—And Misses Hilariously Hard
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There's something highly entertaining and relaxing about game shows. The good ones are just simple enough for us to follow along, but difficult enough to make your mind tick.

Sometimes though, they are a little too simple, and lull you into a false sense of security. For instance, the number of letters in a word on Wheel of Fortunemight make you think the answer is something it isn't.

What three letter word goes before the name 'Isaac Newton'?

On an episode of Wheel of Fortune earlier this week, contestants Alex, Shelby, and Brad tried to guess some proper names during a bonus round. After Brad correctly guessed 'ALBERT EINSTEIN' as an answer, the next one threw Alex for a loop.

Sometimes people on this show can get the right answer with an astonishing two letters showing in the puzzle. But this time, things went a little different for Alex.

While she got most of the answer correct, it seems like she was unsure what name goes before 'ISAAC NEWTON' on the answer board. So she took a stab in the dark, and guessed whatever three letter word would fit.

Which is how we got the amazing answer of 'TOM ISAAC NEWTON'

This was, of course, incorrect, and Brad quickly capitalizes on Alex's mistake. He gives the correct answer of 'SIR ISAAC NEWTON' and later sweeps the round with the following answer as well.

To be fair, it's impressive she even got Isaac Newton as the second two words. The bonus round tends to be fast paced, and difficult to think through.

The internet wasn't done with Alex's answer, however. Many went online to talk about the flub she made. Some were impressed Pat Sajak didn't even blink at the wrong answer, and immediately moved on.

But others were ready with their jokes.

If you've been experiencing a stressful and chaotic week for some completely random reason, might we suggest watching a relaxing game show from the comfort of your home?

Plus if you yell out the wrong answer there, no one else will know. Except maybe your neighbors.

Better luck next time, Alex!