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'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Leaves Viewers Stunned By Correctly Guessing Puzzle With Just Two Letters Showing

Wheel Of Fortune/YouTube

Sometimes it really pays to be a good guesser.

A contestant on Wednesday, February 26th's episode of Wheel Of Fortune left both fellow contestants and host Pat Sajak completely stunned when she immediately solved a puzzle with only two letters.

The board only had three clues: the category "Phrase," and two letters as such:

"_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ N _ _T_ _ _ ."

Taya Somers, a business owner and a mother of five kids, as well as an impressive WOF contestant, went on to guess the correct answer: A Place Like No Other.

Everyone was totally stunned.

All Pat Sajak could say was "impressive," and was so shocked that he had to quote somebody else's facial expressions.

Taya unfortunately did not win the big prize at the end, but she did walk away with an $8,000 trip to Peru.

So, maybe superpowers really do exist.

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