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People Share What Small Thing Sets Off Their Temper Immediately

You are testing my humanity. I wouldn't if I were you.

People Share What Small Thing Sets Off Their Temper Immediately

Actions speak louder than words, though words can set my temper ablaze just as prudently as an action. Do you all notice that we are all pretty good at keeping our emotions in check with the big issues? Like when someone does us wrong we take a step back (to evaluate and plot revenge) and process our emotional state as to not jump straight to fury. Fury can be counter productive. So why is it the little things that push us to insanity; like killing one another over a meal or a parking spot... makes no sense. Perhaps we're all trapped in a "this is the last straw syndrome?"

Redditor wanted to hear from everyone about the little things in life that can turn us front Jekyll to Hyde in seconds by asking.... What is the smallest thing that makes you lose your temper immediately?

Don't Touch!


Things not staying where I put then. For example if I hang a towel and it just immediately decides to slide off, or I put my spoon down in my ice cream, but because it's still almost full the spoon just tips over and falls out. Like, you're inanimate f---ing objects, don't just f---ing up and decide to do some random BS that makes me have to go and pick sh!t up or clean the floor! Stegaosaurus

SHUT UP!!!!!

Someone trying to talk to me while I eat at work. Come on, just let me have this 10 minutes to myself. Knoife

Ohhh my god THIS is the stuff that makes me see red. Example:

Me: finally sits down for lunch after being on my feet for 4 straight hours, just wanting to be left alone so I can eat in peace and silence

Coworker (every F**KING time without fail): "Whatcha eating?" comes over and peers at my lunch, then decides to start this WHOLE a** one sided conversation about her cooking/her kid's eating habits/her opinions on whatever I'm eating/etc and bothers me for my entire lunch break

Me, thinking: :) Ah yes. This is exactly how I envisioned my one singular 10 minute break going. Awesome! girlquartz

I need GREEN!


Hitting back to back red lights. wonderwine

Best is when they turn red in front of you to maximize the delay. Then there is the red light to let one car through._AlreadyTaken_

Supermarket Rage! 

Grocery store etiquette. GTFO of the middle of the aisle! This can't be your first time shopping! theoretic_lee

Or people that just bust out of the aisle with their carts into main paths without stopping/looking. Do you merge onto roads without yielding while you drive too? FrankDaTank787

Lord give me Strength!

When a car pulls out right in front of me and then goes 20 mph under the speed limit anyway. why?????? just wait then. cherrypie3

Do not drive in Arizona. Probably Florida too.

It actually annoys me less these days because every single time the person is 70+ and probably actually didn't see me coming when they made a right on red and immediately moved over three lanes to go very slowly in front of me. I just go around them and practice O-ming. ms_eleventy



Bumping my head on something when I stand up. It takes me by surprise and pisses me off. dignified_fish

Ohhhh makes me so mad!!!! And if my mother is around, she will immediately make fun of me and laugh. Even. More. Rage. sbllke

Always wait 8 Seconds! 

This morning, I got a bag of popcorn out of the vending machine at work. Opened it too fast and shot popcorn all over the floor. For a good 7 seconds, I thought about just going home and quitting my job from bed. JeffMatthews410

I'm the same way except it's more like "wow how mildly inconvenient, what if I just end my life right now in the break room?" then I laugh about it and go on my merry way lol. njm_nick

How would I know this?

When someone can't grasp that something isn't as obvious to me as it is to them, simply because I can't read their minds, I don't know their whole life story, or I don't have the same educational background, or the same interests.Marawal

I dare you to push again....


When standing in line at a store and the person behind you is ramming into you with their shopping cart or standing waaaaay too close. Seriously, personal space, you pushing me wont make the line go any faster. username-done

You hear me! 

I always say loud towards them "Are you gonna pay for my stuff?" Cashiers always laugh at that dumb people. Almost every time person turning all-red and is going back pushing other "hurry" people creating a slow-motion mosh pit behind. "Almost every time" because once a grown man (40-50yo) pretend he did not hear me, and turn his face away from me to cashier. Cashier backed me up and repeat question, and that man starts slowly stepping back while his face quickly becomes red. skyfireee

Sandwich Rage.

When I bite into a delicious sandwich and all the insides fall out of the other end. I call this Sandwich Rage. yakshack

I get so mad at this, especially if I'm super hungry. It's like the sandwich is procrastinating on being eaten. Aegis12314

Don't Give IN!


When an adult throws a tantrum to get what they want and succeed.

For example, when someone tries to return something without a receipt and the manager says they can't accept their return, so the person starts making a scene and the manager gives in.

Nothing pisses me off more than people getting away with stuff when they know they're in the wrong. velour_manure

0 to 100! 

If someone shushes me or puts their hand in my face. I go from 0 to 100 in no time. SpikedBubbles

I have friends who say pause as in "wait, what" but never as a way to shush me. That's f**ked. NewfounderTC

Phones Off!

People using their brightest screens on their phones to check texts and social media during movies in a theater.Analytica0

People checking social media during a movie drives me insane. It's two hours of your life. Just sit there and watch the goddamned screen. If you can't do that, stop going to movies. gizmodriver



When someone's talking and trying to give instructions, but everyone else is just talking among themselves. Maybe it's a hold out from my military days, but nothing makes me flip faster than this. I was constantly on a hair-trigger when I left the military to pursue a degree because of the sheer disrespect some kids show to the professors. pan0ply

Mouth Shut! 

When someone chews loudly beside me, especially if they chew with their mouth open. CleverNameAndNumbers

Or slurp. That just annoys the hell out of me. iknowthisischeesy

Don't Steamroll...

Talking over me. I get that it's a cultural thing for some people - in some families you never get heard at all unless you talk over your family members - but doing it in regular conversation is just enraging.

Also condescension. Call me "son" or "honey" one more time, a**hole. FuzzyElf47

Oh Betsy....


A lady in our office would leave the bathroom with the roll of toilet paper hanging down into the garbage can. We moved the garbage can and mentioned it to her many times. Now, the toilet paper goes all the way to the floor. Last time I brought it up all she replied with was "You don't have kids yet so you are going to have to learn for that to not bother you." Yeah I don't have kids but just because you do, it doesn't give you an excuse to act like a kid here at work, Betsy.LightHouseMaster

Damn keys...

When I throw my keys on the table and the slide off then I try again and they slide off again and I just say screw it and leave them on the floor. adamrocks84

Get out of my Way! 

People taking up the sidewalk and walking too slow. Immediate rage. thoawaydatrash

Similar but driving, someone wanting to see what lane is going to go faster so they sit in both, so no one can pass them.

Bigger frustration when they're the only car blocking you from getting to that light that you're trying to turn right on.

Biggest frustration is when you're trying to get to that light to turn right, and they think you're trying to cut traffic, so they block both lanes. notdazzer